About Tokumei

What is Tokumei?

Tokumei is an anonymous microblogging platform that is easy to self-host and administrate. Download a copy of our software, and head over to our self-hosting guides to get started. Start your site, build your community, and share cool things.

Licensing and use

Tokumei is free/libre, open-source software under the ISC License. Our software aims to be simple, and so is our license. Feel free to fork, hack, or contribute in any way you choose.

Our philosophy

At Tokumei, we believe that what you have to say is more important than who you are. When all information is treated equally, only an interesting point or an accurate argument works — Tokumei posts aren't subject to a "social bias," so celebrities and governing agencies have no more say on our platform than you do.

About the team

Yes, we really do like the pink.

Keefer Rourke
Keefer Rourke

Co-founder, Lead Designer/Developer

Keefer is an Honours Computer Science (co-op) student minoring in Mathematics at the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada.

Kyle Farwell
Kyle Farwell

Co-founder, Lead Developer

Founder and CEO at VRLFP. Dev/Sysadmin. Unix philosophy enthusiast. Advocate for open source, privacy, and humane technology. VR addict.