XML sucks: The Ascent of Ward

Hate XML? You'll love Tokumei's API.

Replace http://example.onion with the location of the Tokumei site you're using.


Just GET these simple files:

You can check the modify timestamp in a post or reply file's metadata to see the day it was created. The exact time is stripped to improve anonymity.


Just POST these fields to http://example.onion/p/:


Working with Tokumei's API in another language? Send some example code to hello@tokumei.co and we'll add it here.

rc shell

Get the text of every post tagged with #tokumei:
for(i in `{curl http://example.onion/_werc/tags/tokumei})
    curl http://example.onion/p/$i.txt
Get the approximate creation date of post #1 in seconds since Epoch:
wget http://example.onion/p/1.txt
stat -c %Y 1.txt
Create a new post:
curl -d 'comment=First line%0ASecond line' \
     -d 'tags=firsttag, secondtag' \
     -d 'file=https://example.com/file.png' \
     -d 'password=supersecret' \
Reply to post #1:
curl -d 'comment=First line%0ASecond line' \
     -d 'parent=1' \

Java / Qt Jambi

There is a partial reference client in Java: Toqumei.