Getting started with advanced configuration

After installing Tokumei, you may wish to do some additional configuration. This page will show you how to follow the configuration instructions in our other guides.

  1. Log in to your server
  2. Refer back to an installation guide to log in to your server and run su.

    After logging in and running su, cd to where Tokumei is installed. If you used the Tokumei installer, this should be /var/www/tokumei.

    cd /var/www/tokumei

  3. Edit files
  4. Let's take a look at the guide Removing unused donation buttons as an example. We'll pretend we want to remove the Bitcoin button.

    This guide instructs us to edit sites/ To do this, we'll use the text editor nano:

    nano sites/

    We want to remove the following line:

    <li><h2>Bitcoin (direct)</h2><a href="bitcoin:%($bitcoin%)" class="btn-large waves-effect waves-light pink white-text"><i class="mdi mdi-currency-btc left white-text"></i>%($bitcoin%)</a></li>

    This should be easy enough to find. Navigate down to it with the arrow keys. In a larger file, you could search for this line by pressing Ctrl-w, typing Bitcoin, and pressing Enter.

    Once your cursor is on the right line, press Ctrl-k to delete it.

    Once you're done in the file, press Ctrl-x and then y to save and quit. If you don't want to save your changes, press Ctrl-x and then n.

    Using nano is reasonably intuitive, but if you get stuck you can press Ctrl-g for additional help.

  5. There is no 3
  6. That's it! As soon as you're done in nano, your changes should take effect on your Tokumei site.